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A Hand Up Not A Hand Out is a non-profit 501-(c)(3) organization based in
Maryland; the greater DMV metro area. The founder and Executive Director Renita Leonard, a native of Maryland. She has been practicing charitable giving for most of her life. She continues to volunteer and donate to activities in her church and other churches using her own resources. For over 20 years she has been providing free haircuts and hair services to women that could not afford them. It is also customary for her to prepare personal care packages and give them out to various needy people.

"I decided to start this non-profit because of the great need that I am witnessing. With funding and charitable donations I can reach a greater number of people." - The founder and Executive Director Renita Leonard

In loving memory of my brother, Wilford Leonard, June 22, 1952 - August 27, 2022,

for being inspirational and supportive in bringing our vision to fruition.

Our goal is to offer the following services and products to those in need:

  • Providing limited haircare services for the homeless and unemployed women.

  • Health and hygiene products

  • Gift cards for emergency transportation by referral

  • Nonperishable food and gently used clothing.

  • Partnerships with local churches and homeless shelters to help women by referral to receive hair care services and clothing for employment opportunities. 

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